Sustaining a Brighter Future


Solenergy has been providing businesses all over the country with high quality solar-powered systems for several years. We have made it our mission to create energy solutions that would benefit millions of Filipinos, as well as the environment. Truly, Solenergy has always upheld its commitment to cater affordable, yet superior services to every client.

About Us


Solenergy is a progressive company that aims to continuously innovate available resources in order to create superior solar-powered systems. We believe that our clients should not settle for less and so, we constantly endeavor to innovate our products and services to ensure that we deliver only the best. This attitude is what made Solenergy one of the top businesses in the industry.


Solenergy is famous for the excellent work ethic exemplified by its employees. From start to finish, we provide our clients with high quality service which made Solenergy one of the most reputable companies in the industry. Here at Solenergy, we make sure to provide Filipinos with superior solar-powered systems that met the standard requirements to ensure the safety and productivity of our products.


Through the years, Solenergy proved to be a dynamic company. We welcomed every change in the industry with a resilient attitude that allowed us to easily adapt with every new breakthrough. In result, we are able to continuously provide clients with high quality solar-powered systems since Solenergy's establishment.


Solenergy is among the first companies in the Philippines to show interest and desire in providing Filipinos with a more affordable and sustainable power alternative. As years went by, we resiliently continued our endeavor to supply businesses from various industries with dependable solar-powered systems. Now, Solenergy is considered as one of the pioneers, as well as one of the leading companies, in the industry.


Cost Competitive
Power Generation

Utility companies who are looking to add solar power to their resources must first understand the market, its significant drivers, as well their implications in order to achieve valuable and cost-competitive solutions when it comes to building and sustaining large scale projects.

Knowing this, Solenergy can provide complete analyses and feasibility studies that encompass all necessary topics such as the market, technical, managerial, social, environmental, and financial aspects of extensive solar plants and farms.


We pride ourselves in our extensive experience and knowledge in the field of solar photovoltaics. It allows us to work with various types of companies that can range from the energy industry to even construction management; many times over we have offered our expertise on utility scale solar support in numerous projects.


Our services are not strictly one note. Here at Solenergy we ensure that projects are seen through from beginning to end, and that includes the development phase especially. We will be there whenever needed and will guide our clients through the process entirely, offering our expertise and knowledge at every turn.

High Voltage

Through our extensive knowledge in photovoltaics, we can ensure that every project we work on is sure to yield only the best results, especially when it comes to electrical output. Our use of only cutting edge photovoltaic technologies combined with its financially fair prices secures our clients’ positive user experience.

Complete Power Plant

Solenergy’s main purpose is to provide cutting edge custom photovoltaic systems to commercial power users. Each project is treated with individual care and is made sure to fit all of the client’s needs. This holds true especially for those who are in the utility or commercial industries who are looking to integrate solar power into their resource pool.


Our Work

Turn-key Solar
Rooftop Solutions

Solenergy encourages Filipino businesses to utilize their unused roof space by installing solar-powered systems on them. This will help companies cut electricity costs and fight global warming at the same time! Solenergy's turn-key solar rooftop solutions is suitable for businesses who are looking for an alternative source of energy that is as advantageous to the environment as it is on their pockets.

Achieving Carbon
Offset Initiatives

Solenergy's energy solutions allows Filipinos minimize their carbon footprints through the use of clean, renewable energy. Using grid-supplied electricity can damage the environment significantly since burning fuel typically contributes to carbon and air pollution. With the help of Solenergy, companies and households in the country can offset their carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and sulfur oxide emissions to help save the environment and achieve carbon neutrality in the future.

Reduce Grid

Soelenergy aims to give Filipinos an alternative power source that is both affordable and dependable. We help small and big companies alike to avoid being dependent on electrical grids through viable energy solutions. Through Solenergy, different businesses can effectively cut their electrical costs without affecting the quality of their power supply.

Energy Management

Solenergy uses Energy Management System (EMS) to productively manage and optimize different power platforms. EMS includes several solutions like demand control and load shifting which help clients save costs. Our use of this innovative system aids us in providing Filipinos with top-notch solar-powered systems that will effectively suit their needs.

Site Monitoring

Solenergy's services does not end with providing clients with effective energy solutions. In the long run, we will also provide real-time site monitoring services to ensure that the installed solar-powered system is working effectively. Solenergy can provide clients with real-time information on the system's performance to make sure that they are getting the most out of their investment.


Dependable Off-grid
Solar Solutions

Going off the grid doesn’t have to mean having to endure unstable power. Solenergy’s use of only the best materials in their energy solutions ensures that it remains a dependable source of power all throughout its lifespan, from its installation onwards.

Off grid systems are perfect for those in the distanced segments of the market who seek a reliable power solution that does not involve expensive network augmentation.

Bespoke Project

Every project is treated as a special challenge – one Solenergy will always be willing to take! Our bespoke project approach means that we always tailor our developed solutions in accordance with each and every one of our client’s own set of unique assets. Our team of well-trained experts will ensure that all possible avenues are explored and utilized fully.

Our Work

Grid Augmentation
& Stabilization

Solenergy’s energy solutions support grid augmentation and stabilization, which allow for the regulation of power from both sources without having to completely rely on one or the other.


Solenergy’s power solutions also support the seamless integration of PV modules into other structures, while also adding benefits such as temperature regulation, electricity production, and even weatherproofing features that are as good as non-generating material.

Flexible Hybrid

Our solutions are not strictly one note. We are able to generate flexible, hybrid systems that can maintain its connection with the grid while also staying independent of it.


Conceptual Design
& Detailing

Solenergy is capable of conceptualizing and designing Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). This ensures that our solar-powered systems are built using excellent materials to ensure effectiveness. We have a team of skilled professionals who design and construct superior BIPV solar installations that suit our clients' needs.

Structural Fabrications
for Solar Mounting

Solenergy is a EPC company which means that we take care of the engineering, procurement, and construction, as well as the commissioning of the solar-powered systems. We fabricate structures wherein solar panels will be mounted for our clients' use. These constructions are built from high quality materials to protect it from corrosion and ensure a long life span.

Our Work

Solenergy's new home base will seamlessly integrate PV modules to its entire roof structure. The PV components will deliver mutually complementing benefits such as temperature regulation inside the office space and electricity production. Weatherproofing features from the mounting system will provide excellent durability and protection from the elements.

Design Support

Due to our bespoke approach to every project, we are able to design power solutions that can adapt to existing architecture while also providing benefits for the structure that is at par with other, similar material. Solenergy ensures that every installation is aesthetically pleasing and will be able to conform to client needs.

Façade System

Solenergy can convert outer Facades into fully integrated solar power plants for buildings and facilities. It can also serve as the outer layer of the structure while simultaneously generating electricity for on-site use.

Building Elements

Through our innovations, we found ways to utilize solar panels into serving more than just its original function. Solenergy's team of outstanding architects and engineers can design and construct solar-powered systems that utilizes panels to serve as roofs, skylights, or even building facades! This opens plenty of possibilities in terms of arrangement and construction. Truly, Solenergy's creativity and innovations are unparalleled in the industry.