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Investing in the Green Revolution!

The Green Revolution to save the planet from extinction has inspired governments to hearken their people to join in the movement. The present state of the Earth’s atmosphere is a realization that there is a pressing need for the planet to use alternative energy sources like the sun for everyday consumption. Solar panels today are considered to be long time investments that not only help the environment, but also help the community at large. Solar panel prices in the Philippines today have started to become more accessible and available to the common Filipino.

Why Invest?

Countries near the equator generally receive 12 hours of daylight each day. Countries like the Philippines are highly susceptible to receiving large amounts of solar energy. In the advent of the Green Revolution, the Philippines now give high regard to investing in solar panels for home use. Investing in solar panels will help in regulating your daily energy consumption, reduce your energy utility cost, and heighten awareness of the effects of global warming in your community. While investing in solar panels have a steep upfront, the long term benefits certainly outweigh the initial cost.

Solar power is a renewable energy. So long as there is sun, solar power can be harvested through solar panel systems. Solar panel systems are systems designed to capture sunlight in order to generate electricity as an alternative source of energy. Solar panels are fitted with photovoltaic cells that are responsible for converting the captured light energy into direct current electricity. Electricity produced by solar panels emits zero carbon. This means that there are no fossil fuels being burned in using energy generated from solar panel systems. There are no additional greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere that contribute to global warming and the Greenhouse Effect.

Meralco’s Net Metering Program

Solar panels only work when there’s solar power present. It can only generate electricity if there is sufficient sunlight. More sunlight means better energy generators. At night since solar isn't present, the Meralco power grid starts to supply energy to the household. In light of generating excess electricity, system owners can be credited by the actual exported power they've generated through Meralco’s Net Metering Program. This program allows for households with solar panels to sell back the excess electricity that their solar panels have generated. Households with solar panels use the excess energy as credits to further reduce their household’s electricity bill. Meralco’s Net Metering Program was developed in order to comply with the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, and has been available to home users since late 2013.

Rising interest in turning to renewable energy as an alternative source to burning fossil fuels have given recognition to solar panel manufacturers. More and more people are looking to utilizing and installing solar panels for their home. Not only are solar panels efficient and effective in reducing power consumption, it is a long term investment that benefits the community at large and empowers the Green Revolution. From small scale solar panels sold on the internet, to solar panels being sold in the streets of Quiapo, to large area solar panel installations, renewable energy is certainly a wise option to further reduce your household’s daily utility consumption.

Solenergy is a reliable solar panel supplier that can easily provide solar energy solutions for all those in the Philippines who wish to have it. Contact us now and get high quality PV panels today!