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Save the Earth: Green Living in the Philippines

Solar energy is energy provided by the sun. The earth will never run out of solar energy as this is a constant, renewable resource. Science and technology have allowed for homeowners to harvest their own renewable energy through solar panels. This is only possible through the panels are fitted with PV cells that are responsible for generating the electricity provided by the sun.

Photovoltaic literally means "light" and "electric". Electricity is produced when photovoltaic cells exhibit the "photovoltaic effect", a physical and chemical reaction resulting in the flow of said electricity. Solar panels are especially useful in areas that are closer to the equator. Regions close to the equator only distinguish between a wet season and a dry season. They typically have the sun year-round.

Tropical countries like the Philippines are especially susceptible to receiving large amounts of solar energy all throughout the year, with bouts of the occasional monsoon season. Solar panels are especially useful in these regions as they receive an average annual temperature of about 30°C in the daytime. At night, the temperature drops a few degrees, with an average temperature of 23°C per year.

The Philippines has picked up on joining in the Green Revolution in order to aid in climate change mitigation. Today's Science and Technology have certainly allowed for more and more people to recognize the harmful effects of the burning of fossil fuel. The Republic of the Philippines have since passed Republic Act No. 9513, otherwise known as the Renewable Energy Act of 2008. RA No. 9513 aims to promote the acceleration of exploring and developing the harvest of renewable resources such as solar energy in order to obtain energy self sufficiency. The Act also aims to "encourage the development and utilization of renewable energy systems, and promoting its efficient and cost-effective commercial application by providing fiscal and nonfiscal incentives".

In compliance with RA No. 9513, Meralco came up with a Net Metering Program for homeowners with solar panel installations. Meralco's Net Metering Program allows for each homeowner to sell their excess harvested solar energy back to Meralco as credit in order to further reduce their utility expense. The Program allows for as much as 100kWp of installed solar panels per homeowner registered under net metering.

Solar panels are now being fitted into homes as homeowners attest to a drop in their electricity bill. Solar panels in the Philippines are now affordable for the average household. Homeowners have attested to as much as a 50% reduction in their electricity bill per month since as much as 80% of their electricity are consumed during the day.

The efficiency and effectiveness of solar power have already hit the streets of Manila. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that even the common layman has discovered the increasing benefits to using solar panels. Bargain hunters head to the streets of Quiapo to purchase simple solar power systems that help in reducing their electricity bill. Meanwhile, homeowners that have secured for themselves solar power systems that have a 20 year guarantee through a larger investment attest to the fact that the efficiency of going solar will make up for the steeper payout. Homeowner testimonies demonstrate that the reduction to the cost in grid powered energy will pay for the solar power system investments within 5 years.

Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable power source. The world will never run out of solar energy. There is little effort in maintaining solar panels at home once the panels are installed and working at maximum efficiency. Solar panel manufacturers and installers will provide ample instructions in keeping panels in optimum working order. There are absolutely no carbon emissions from using solar energy. Continual advancements in Science and Technology are further reducing the cost of production of solar panels, making panels increasingly efficient and even more cost effective. In time, most households would certainly run on non-polluting, natural, and renewable solar energy.

There are endless benefits to following the natural flow of renewable energy in the planet. Renewable energy is a natural, available resource for the planet. The increasing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere have made the planet warmer, causing a large shift in climate. Harvesting solar energy through solar panel installations is only one way that homeowners can contribute to the community. Take care of the planet, plant more trees, and be aware of carbon emissions. Join the Green Revolution and help save the planet!

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