Here’s 4 World Companies as Climate Champions for You

Let’s see how many companies are using solar energy in the Philippines  and the world. As per one of the IEA (International Energy Agency)’s report, the world is steadily moving forward towards renewable energy day by day. By 2020, the world’s 26% of electricity generation would come from renewable sources. To make this possible, there are hundreds of small, middle size and big companies that are doing their part to switch to better future proof, environment safe and cost effective ways of producing energized matter or power. For the sake of decent length of this article, we are focusing only on 4 inspiring companies who are creating the right charge!

You can either be in retail, manufacturing, oil production (yes that too) , dairy farming, agriculture, aviation industry, information technology or any other business and still use services of a solar energy provider in the Philippines to become a climate champion and make the world more solar powered.


Who doesn’t use Google?  As per their own article on environmental report and guardian article, today Google’s offices and data centers are 100% powered by renewable energy comprising of solar and wind power.  They are buying renewable energy to power their huge data centers and 60,000 staff offices using solar energy and alternative sources of energy. As per the article, Google always had renewable energy on their mind since 2012 and it has also made complete business sense to them as the cost of solar power has reduced to close to 80% in recent years. Google has set the benchmark really high for the world to follow suit in regards to adopting use of solar panel (s) in the USA or Philippines.


Well, we will not say that it’s impossible that you are not using an Intel’s x86 architecture processor in your laptop/personal computer, but it is more likely that you would be. Intel, the leading technology company producer of semiconductor chips uses 3.4 billion Kilowatt-hours of renewable energy as of one 2015 report. It has also set up 18 on-site solar plants at many of its facilities, producing up-to 7,000 kW of solar power and this is only increasing every year. By meeting 100% of its US electricity use in 2015 with its purchase of renewable energy in 2015 and this is only telling the world that renewable energy is the way to tread!



Leading USA departmental retail chain, Kohl’s Corporation is a great promoter, producer and user of solar power in the states. Out of their 1160 stores in 49 states, 1001 are energy certified and their 163 locations also have an on-site solar panel system according to their records. Like tens of hundreds of corporate and businesses, Kohl’s too recognizes the need to be a good company and to focus on renewable sources of energy for a better tomorrow.


If you are not using an Apple computer, then you most likely will be a Microsoft user. Microsoft the leading developer/manufacturer of computer software and other products/services too uses 44% renewable energy for its data centers and plans to make its renewable energy use up-to 60% by year 2018. They have set high goals for sustainable sources of energy and carbon free footprint.


Solar energy is abundant and there are no harmful chemicals produced in its use.  There are many reasons to switch to solar power in the Philippines, since we have plentiful of Sun all year long. The Philippines is actually one of the biggest users of solar power among the Asian countries and so if you are looking to change to solar energy and wish to know about solar panel prices in the Philippines, then do contact us at Solenergy, the leading solar power provider of solar power in Philippines.

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