Globe Telecom Inc.

Solenergy Systems Inc. was commissioned by Globe Telecom Inc. and beat international players like Huawei to conceptualize, design, fabricate, and integrate, Globe’s Network-in-a-Box Solution (NIB) which is a joint venture between Facebook and Globe to provide modular off-grid cellular sites with a network coverage radius of 1 KM.

Solenergy Systems Inc. presented to Globe the system architecture and least cost analysis of a system that would power such a facility which hurdled Globe’s TCO rate for the application. This enabled Globe to proceed to the Proof-of-Concept phase where Globe commissioned Solenergy to fabricate and integrate the solution and was eventually deployed in San Andres, Quezon

  • Location: Quezon Province
  • System Type: Off-grid / Hybrid Back-up
  • Size: 800Ah / 1.4kWp