Solenergy at CPFI

Century Pacific Food Inc.

Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CPFI), a leading food manufacturer, has now the largest self-consumption rooftop PV system in the Philippines, designed and installed by Solenergy Systems, Inc.

The powerful system’s quality components include 405W and 410W JA Solar monocrystalline panels connected to Fronius Symo Advanced 24.0-3 480 inverters. Annually, the on-grid rooftop solar PV system is capable of generating 7,393,996 kWh of energy. It is expected to have a cumulative yield of approximately 160,815,877 kWh, offsetting an estimated 109,9334 tons of CO2, in 25 years.

Solenergy also provided a centralized energy monitoring system called Envision Monitoring to help CPFI observe their power consumption and solar production. Through Envision, CPFI is also provided a bespoke curtailment solution that enables them to operate the PV system in parallel with their gensets in case of power outages.

  • Location: General Santos City
  • System Type: On-grid Rooftop
  • Size: 5.16MW