Globe Telecom’s Tower in Pitabunan, Tarlac Goes Solar

Globe Telecom

This is Solenergy’s second Globe project, featuring a hybrid system designed, programmed, and integrated by Solenergy’s Embedded Technologies Group. Solenergy underwent a very involved and focused discussion with Globe Telecom to implement a system designed to provide custom monitoring, alarm, and control features on their Base Transceiver Stations to optimize their TCO.

The tower’s solar PV system will lessen the carbon footprint of Globe’s base stations by reducing the runtime hours and the emissions of onsite gensets. The system comprises quality components including DMEGC solar modules, Studer devices, as well as BYD Premium LVL 15.4 to optimize self-consumption with battery and solar backup.

  • Location: Pitabunan, Tarlac
  • System Type: Solar PV + Battery Storage System
  • Modules: DMEGC
  • Annual Yield: 5000 kWh