Japan Tobacco International

Japan Tobacco International (JTI), one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, has a single roof structure which features the second largest self-consumption rooftop solar PV system in the Philippines at 4.77 Megawatt peak. This means all power yielded will be used within the facility’s power demands and no energy will be exported or fed back to the grid.

The PV system is comprised of 17,040 solar panels which cover more than 27,000 sqm of roof space. These panels are then connected to 213 Fronius International GmbH grid-tied inverters that convert the power yielded to usable AC power.

  • Location: Malvar, Batangas
  • System Type: Roof-mounted
  • Size: 4.77 MW
  • Modules: Canadian Solar
  • Inverter: Fronius Symo
  • Annual Yield: ~6,500,000 kWh
  • Date Commissioned: February 2018