PetroSolar (Phase 2)

Solenergy Systems Inc., as part of its proposal, provided PetroSolar with a comparative yield analysis between panel technologies and system architectures. PetroSolar (Phase 2) eventually opted to go with Solenergy’s recommendation to pursue a centralized-string based architecture for their utility scale solar farm due to its superior expected performance which Solenergy’s yield model predicted. This is a deviation from the typical central inverter architecture that most utility scale farms follow in projects like these.

To date, the performance parameters of the PetroSolar (Phase 2) Solar Farm continue to be one of the highest in the country boasting an actual Performance Ratio (PR) greater than the guaranteed PR by as much as 2% and a plant availability factor of 99.999%.

  • Location: Tarlac
  • System Type: On-grid Ground-mount Utility
  • Size: 20 MW