Shopwise Cebu

The 639 kilowatt peak system at Shopwise Basak, Cebu City was commissioned into operation by Solenergy Systems Inc. last October 2018 and is now harnessing clean energy to power a considerable percentage of the hypermarket’s daily operations.

Shopwise Cebu’s PV system is forecasted to yield 827,000 kilowatt hours of solar energy every year, all of which will be consumed by the retail spaces underneath the two-story facility. 1,920 pieces monocrystalline PERC solar modules from DMEGC Solar are seamlessly attached at the roof, as well as utilizing an Austria-based technology of transformerless power inverters from Fronius International GmbH.

  • Location: Basak, Cebu City
  • System Type: Grid-tied
  • Size: 639 kWp
  • Modules: DMEGC Solar
  • Inverter: Fronius Symo
  • Annual Yield: 827,000 kWh