20MW PetroSolar Project Energizes Luzon Grid


As rotating brownouts crippled Metro Manila, Solenergy was tapped by PetroSolar Corporation to be the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) service provider for the 20MW Solar Plant which would energize the Luzon grid. The project was built on a 22-hectare land in Central Technopark, Tarlac City in which the Solenergy installation crew worked vigorously to build the massive system, occasionally installing up to 2,000 panels a day. In effect, the plant began feeding renewable energy into the Luzon grid by April 2019, a mere 5 months after the go-signal to begin construction, bolstering the critically-diminishing power reserves of the urbanized Philippine central region. The grid link up was very timely as it ensured more power for the May 2019 Elections.

After the completion of the 20MW project, it would add up to the existing 50MW Tarlac-1 project. In effect, the total energy being fed by Petrosolar to the grid is an immense 70MWDC which makes PetroSolar’s Tarlac facility the single and largest vicinal solar farm in Luzon. The 20MW project, alone, is a rapidly-completed system which comprises 61,200 Tallmax TSM PD14A PV panels and 612 Fronius Eco power inverters. This is forecasted to harness 32,000 MWh of solar energy every year, effectively avoiding 18.6 million kg of CO2 emissions annually. Over the course of the system’s lifetime, this is equivalent to planting over 2 million trees!

This initiative by PetroSolar has substantial contributions in reducing the country’s carbon footprint. Instead of burning fossil fuels to generate energy, a cleaner source for it is now used—a truly pronounced step in achieving sustainable development.

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