6 Awesome Solar Power Uses Worth Exploring

We have heard that practice makes a man perfect so do implementation. Solar power has many daily uses that we can administer at our homes, work places and other facilities. It is amazing that we can utilize the sun power for so many of our needs such as for indoor lights, outdoor lights, solar power portable mobile chargers, solar power batteries to charge our e-cars, solar power to heat water, solar power to heat our homes, sun power to heat up our pools, sun energy for back up lights, sunlight to cook at outdoors and these are just few of the many uses of never ending free solar energy.

If would be great to move to solar electricity for our AC (alternating current) power supply meanwhile we have a lot of other ways to bring solar power in our everyday lives. One thing we can be sure about is that by doing this we would improve our approach towards sun energy and even help change the mindset of others to adopt solar power for a variety of their needs. Below we at Solenergy, the solar energy company and provider in the Philippines share with you very practical ways to incorporate solar energy for our everyday usages.

Outdoor Garden Lights

Most of us spent good amount of time and effort in up keeping our gardens so that we can have the best time sitting/relaxing at our nursery. Outdoor garden lights powered by solar are a great way to add some interesting lights to our gardens. There are so many awesome options for same and they can be good conversation starters too!

Solar Powered Indoor Lights

Most households require emergency lights during a power cut. This is where we can use solar energy by buying one of the many solar emergency lights available online and at retail stores. These lights are also a low cost and effective way to light our homes during a power cut as we can avoid the recurring cost of buying those batteries during an outage.

Power Your Mobile with Solar Powered Power Banks

These days we all use our mobiles to max and often we need mobile power banks. Why not buy a solar powered mobile power bank and make the initiative to adopt renewable energy sources. This will also mean that we are making efforts in changing our dependency on non-renewable energy sources and are doing the right thing.

Fun Solar Powered Projects for Kids

Introduce kids to solar energy uses with solar powered projects. These projects are a great way to help them understand how solar energy works and make them experience the fantastic uses of sun light. Just a small Google search will bring you videos of simple and quick solar powered cooker DIY and to solar powered fan kids projects.

Take Hot Showers with Solar Power

We know that so many people simply love their hot showers and what an icing on the cake it would be if those hot showers were powered by solar energy. Install solar power for heating water and your pool. This also helps in reducing the electricity bills a great deal.

Run Your Car on Solar Power Batteries

Take your pledge towards greener energy by investing in a car run by solar batteries. It is only by making small changes (one at a time), we can go a long way in our quest towards using solar energy. Not to mention that when we use solar powered applications/cars/lights we are also encouraging others in making one of the most valuable shifts. If you are looking for a solar power company in the Philippines to set up solar panels at your facility or home, contact us freely for our experience is unsurpassable.

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