Filipinos Today: Investing in Renewable Energy

The Philippines is naturally rich in resources that generate renewable energies.  Solar power in the Philippines has seen a rise in recognition in recent years as more and more regular consumers recognize the increasing benefits of switching to solar power instead of completely relying on the local power grids.  Apart from the economic benefits of having their own solar panels installed in their homes, consumers are now completely aware that the use of the photovoltaic effect and the utilization of solar energy and renewable energy sources produce zero carbon and are completely free of gases that have the potential to do much harm to the environment and their immediate community.


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Renewable Energy in the PH

Investing in renewable energy is a big step for the Philippines that needs to be fully addressed today.  Creating new power plants in order to generate renewable energy as a main source of power for the whole nation have increasing benefits in terms of the country’s economy, the nation’s safety and health, as well as the concern for the environment and the hopes of mitigating climate change that will not only benefit the country, but the world as a whole.

There are five main sources of renewable energies in the Philippines; hydro, wind, geothermal, solar, and biomass.  Hydro comes from moving water, wind power comes from rotating propellers that generate electricity, geothermal comes from the heat of the Earth’s core that generates power through steam, solar comes from the sun through the use of the photovoltaic effect, and biomass is power derived from natural resources like plants and animals.  These renewable energy sources all contribute to the supply of the country’s energy consumption.




Why Invest in Renewable Energy?

Greenpeace.org tells us that investing in renewable energy will boost the country’s economy.  Investing in renewable energies today will bring in new jobs to the people, as well as reducing costs of the energy consumption of the country.  Greenpeace reports that the problem we face today is the misinformation that has been spreading about renewable energies.  Greenpeace goes a step forward and debunks renewable energy myths like “renewable energy is expensive” and “coal is cheap” through a very comprehensive report that is completely based on data from the Philippines.

We as a nation can help spread the facts in our own personal communities.  There are more jobs created in investing in renewable energies than there is with investing in oil.  Investing in renewable energies today will assure us that by 2030, there will be 6.3 million jobs that are created.  Studies show that investing in renewable energies today will contribute as much as 50% of the country’s total energy supply, 28.90% from geothermal energy, 22.97% from hydro power, 2.90% from wind and solar, and 0.73% from biomass.

There is an increasing number of people that are well aware of the benefits of investing in renewable energy today.  Our contribution to the spread of awareness is a large factor in getting new renewable energy plants to be established.  We, too, as consumers can contribute to encouraging others to invest in renewable energies through installing solar panels.  After all, solar power in the Philippines can very well be the most popular type of renewable energy that everybody can certainly relate to.

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  1. Good morning,

    I am really interested in investing on renewable energy. I am from Bohol, nd I have 9 hectares of land than can potentially become a solar farm.
    How do I start?

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