Traditional Energy Versus Green Energy: Which Is Better?

Tradition Versus Evolution

The world has relied on traditional energy even after the end of the industrial revolution. Although traditional energy evolved in form through the years, it is still very clear that traditional energy will persist for the years to come. Rising in stock with the masses, however, is the emergence of power from the sun or solar in the Philippines. It is accessible and affordable but here rests the impasse. Traditional Energy versus Green Energy: which is better?




Traditional energy’s advantage lies in the fact that it has been in use for the longest time and majority of the people rely on it for their everyday use whether it be at work or at home. Green energy on the other hand is pioneering the use of alternative energy for everyday use. It is comparably younger when compared to traditional energy but the technology that went into its research is in fact state of the art. If traditional energy is strong when it comes to being a mainstay then green energy’s strength lies in the fact that while it is already useable, advancements in its research are well underway even in the middle of its life cycle.


Winner: Green Energy. While it is an undisputed fact that traditional energy is more widespread, green energy has proven that it is the right choice for this generation in terms of preserving the planet and because of its many advantageous advances in its research and development.


Green energy has been proven to be cleaner than traditional energy. It is relatively safe as it does not emit any radiation nor does it emit poisonous smog. Green energy is clean to the point that various environmental organizations and even governing bodies advocate its use over the use of traditional energy. On the other hand, traditional energy has more yield when it comes to output and as stated above, its use is widespread to the point that it would not be an exaggeration to say that each and every home in the Philippines rely on traditional energy in some shape or form. The clincher, however, is that traditional energy is damaging the planet because of the waste and the chemicals that it emits. People are known to react negatively to exposure to some of the by-products of traditional energy. Entire forests are razed and ecosystems are polluted all for the sake of harvesting traditional energy and because of this, green energy is preferred by organizations that care for the environment.




Winner: Green Energy. It is without a doubt that more output is better but it doesn’t make it right – and it doesn’t have to stay that way. Green Energy, as stated above, is relatively younger when compared to Traditional Energy. Advances in the field of Green Energy emerge on a daily basis and one day it may even outperform traditional energy when it comes to raw output alone. Right now, however, the advantage will go to Green Energy because while it manages to remain a strong contender, it does so with the safety of the environment and people in mind.


Overall Winner: Green Energy. Tradition doesn’t always have to be correct and in this case, evolution in the form of green energy is a much needed change from the chains that is traditional energy. Green energy is cleaner and while it does not yield as much energy as traditional energy, it is however renewable and therefore – infinite.

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