Save Energy, Save Money! 5 Ways to Cut Electrical Costs

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In this day and age where simply keeping alive, well, and happy costs a lot of money, it becomes important to know where one can cut back on costs. While there are many factors that could weigh in on the whole spending dilemma, one of the main concerns of any household is its electric bill.  Due to our penchant for all things technological, it comes as no surprise that we do consume a lot of electricity. From our smartphones to our household appliances, everything is plugged into the grid, and we can’t help it. As such, we can’t help the bills either.


However, saving money doesn’t have to be an exercise in difficulty, and it doesn’t need to involve sacrificing more than the necessary degree of comfort to do so. The solution is simple: get renewable energy. Specifically, solar energy. What better renewable energy resource to take advantage of other than the bright sun, after all? Especially in the Philippines where it’s always strong.


Converting isn’t too costly either – the average solar panel price in the Philippines was marked down significantly from the 2000s decade because of newer companies entering the fray, resulting in costs going down due to healthy competition. Going solar doesn’t mean going bankrupt. In fact, it can actually help save, especially in the long run.


At the end of the day though, not everyone has the option of going for renewable energy sources. But, there are still ways to save! Here are some of the best ways you can cut down on that electric bill:


multiple lights powered by solar panels in the philippines with low price



Turn-off appliances when not in use

This is a very basic rule that’s often forgotten. Turn off what you’re not using in order for them not to suck up power! Small things such as lights, fans, or even radios can really add up; deactivate them and unplug them to ensure that they’re no t using up any extra power.


Measure your laundry

Washing machines generate heat which account for a significant portion of that appliance’s electrical use. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable. One can reduce costs, however, by simply handwashing some of the dirtier clothes especially when they are in small amounts. The load on the washing machine will determine how much power the machine will use and in hand-washing and air-drying (the drier consumes a lot of heat) smaller loads of dirty clothes.


Measure your dishes

Fundamentally the same with washing machines, dish washers also produce a significant amount of heat while consuming water with every wash. For smaller piles of dishes, hand washing them will surely cut down costs when compared to using a dish washer to wash them.


Opt out of air conditioners

A majority of the countries in the Southeast are tropical countries which mean a hotter climate for the people living there. Of course, the one surefire way of beating the heat is by turning on the air conditioner at night. But if you’re looking to save energy, try opting out of using the A/C and instead use an electric fan and this method is sure to cut costs significantly. If that’s not an option, try going for a smaller air conditioner instead. You’d be surprised how cool a 0.5hp air conditioner can get!


Alternative power

The best way of saving money and cutting costs on electricity is by using alternative power or “green energy”. It’s practical, it’s affordable, and better yet, it helps our environment. Investing in these types of energy – while a little costly at first – will help save in the long run. It’s a form of investment and with time, you can count on it to pay for itself!


These methods are simple but they are tried and tested and most of them only require self-discipline to accomplish. The best way of cutting costs on electricity however is still be relying on green energy. Not only is it cheaper but it is also a sure-fire way of saving the world, one electric panel at a time.


The aforementioned methods are simple but they are tried and tested. They work well, and all you need to do them is a little extra work. And while there are other numerous ways one can save on electric bills, the best way is to, of course, invest in green energy. For those who live in the Philippines, consider the solar alternative!

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