Benefits of Driving an Electric Vehicle

Benefits of Driving an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles (EV) used to be a concept that seemed to belong to the future. But over the last decade, there has been in an increase in the purchase of electric vehicles. EVs may, at certain circumstances, cost more than a gas-powered vehicle but the benefits can definitely outweight its hefty price tag. In this article, we take a closer look at five benefits in utilizing an electric vehicle:

  • Fuel cost savings

Electric vehicles rely on electricity to run thus eliminating the need for gasoline. Not only does it contribute to lessening the carbon footprint, but also your monthly expenses.

In 2018, the University of Michigan found out in their study that EVs cost less than half as much to operate gas-powered vehicles. On top of the cost savings, electricity rates tend to be much more stable than gasoline prices.

  • Helps improve air quality

Vehicles powered by gas are major contributors to air pollution. In fact, transportation emits more than half of nitrogen oxides in the air, and is a major reason why climate change is happening. Air pollution is a big health risk for humans and the environment. One solution is to electrify our transportation system. Using electric vehicles help reduces carbon emission and has the added benefit of reducing air pollutants.

  • Lower maintenance costs

Electric vehicles don’t have an oil or oil filter that needs to be changed once in a while. There’s no also engine that needs maintenance. It has fewer parts to wear out, thus an electric vehicle’s maintenace will cost lower as compared to a gas-powered vehicle. EVs may cost more expensive than gas-powered vehicles but once you think about how it doesn’t need much maintenance, you’ll realize how electric vehicles are indeed a bargain despite the upfront price tag.

Unlike gas-powered vehicles, electric vehicles don’t require replacement of parts that go bad over time. For instance, electric motors only have one moving part while engines in traditional automobiles contain dozens.

  • Better driving experience

Traffic is getting worse and worse. The last thing you’d want is to drive a vehicle that is quite exhausting to drive, like manually-driven vehicles. Also, gas-powered vehicles have reciprocating engine which vibrates constantly and transmissions that make noises. EVs on the other hand are remarkably quite which makes the driving experience calmer and smoother.

When it comes to handling, electric vehicles are more reliable and effortless. Batteries in electric vehicles are often found in the floor car, which provides excellent balance and weight distribution. EVs are indeed pricey and more uncommon as compared to gas-powered vehicles but looking at its benefits definitely gives an impression that it’s helpful not only for the environment but also in modernizing the transportation system.







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