Landmark’s Newest Shopping Mall dons Newest Technology in Alabang


A haven for mall-goers, the newest shopping complex to empower its consumers is in turn powered by the sun. Landmark Alabang opened the doors to its 7-storey commercial complex on the third quarter of 2017. Donning the newest energy technology, the facility deems to operate more economically than other existing chains.

A large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) system sits ergonomically upon the 4,224sqm expanse of Landmark Alabang’s roof; it is capable of harnessing about 1,025,600kWh of solar energy a year. Built to energize all seven floors of the vast supermarket-department store complex, the powerful system’s quality components comprise 2,640 Canadian Solar CS6K-280 PV modules and 33 Austrian-made Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M inverters – selections that together ensure the project is built to last safely and efficiently.


Solenergy Systems Inc. was in charge of the design, installation and commissioning of the 739.2kWp solar PV project. With its completion, Landmark Alabang entered Solenergy’s roster of esteemed completed commercial projects, alongside the likes of Globe Telecom, Rockwell Land and Kraft Foods/Mondelez Philippines. The partnership between Solenergy and Landmark intends to thrive through the years of the project’s sound solar generation, and hopefully expand to other chains.

The major supermarket chain embarked on enhancing its facility with the roof-mounted, grid-tied, self-consumption PV system for a number of pragmatic reasons. Currently, the mall benefits from the system by offsetting a majority of their daytime electrical consumption with the solar energy generated by the panels above, as well as by reducing operating costs with the new-technology system design. Most importantly, the mall takes pride in their move being the environmental option, as the solar power system saves the complex from producing approximately 615,250kg of CO2 every year.

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