Module Cleaning Guidance for Volcanic Ash Residue

Volcanic ash belongs to high corrosion mineral matters (contains sulfur). To avoid corrosion, the volcanic ash should be immediately wiped off from the module surface. Here are some things you should remember when cleaning your PV modules.

cleaning PV modules


  • All types of soft foam materials, non-woven fabrics, whisks, soft sponges, soft brushes, and hair brushes may be used.
  • Hair brush specifications: Material of special wires for hair brushes: nylon wire 1010; required diameter of special wires for hair brushes for cleaning ARC-glass: 0.1-0.06 mm
  • All types of commercial glass cleaners, alcohol / ethanol / methanol may be used.
  • The pressure of the cleaning water should be less than 690 KPa. It is not recommended to use water high in mineral content as it may deposit on the glass surface when the water is dry. Most municipal water can meet the above two requirements.


  • Do not use bare fingers or hands without gloves to touch or handle the glass surface of modules. Wear clean gloves to prevent fingerprints and other dirt from staying on the glass.
  • Do not use metal tools such as blades, knives, steel wool, and other abrasive materials.
  • Do not use abrasive powders, abrasive cleaners, scrubber cleaners, polishers, sodium hydroxide, benzene, nitro-thinners, acid or alkali and other chemical substances.
  • Do not use steam or corrosive chemicals to speed up the cleaning.
  • Do not try to clean broken glass or modules with broken lines or exposed wires, as it may cause electric shock.
  • Do not step, stand, or sit on the modules when cleaning.

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