Tips to Save Electricity During the Enhanced Community Quarantine

Tips to Save Electricity During the Enhanced Community Quarantine

The enhanced community quarantine has everyone staying at home all day, every day. This situation has resulted in an increased electricity usage in households. In this article, we look at some tips that can help you save on electricity during the enhanced community quarantine.

Unplug devices you are not using

Most peope who are stuck at home with nothing to do resort to utilizing gadgets or electronics to take away the boredom. It’s so easy to jup from using one electronic to another that we oftentimes forget to unplug those that we aren’t using. Most electronics and appliances draw amounts of power 24/7, even when not in use. But just by simply unplugging them, you’ll save on a lot of electricity.

Load up the washing machine

It can be tempting to put small loads of dirty clothes into the washing machine, but waiting until you havev a reasonable amount of dirty clothes will be much more energy efficient. Washing machines use a lot of electricity so the next time you have a small bunch of dirty clothes that you’d like to wash, you can wait for the amount of dirty clothes to pile up a bit first or opt for washing the dirty clothes by hand.

Avoid overloading extension cords

Avoid plugging all electronics in one extension cord even if there’s still space for one. Not only does this cause a higher usage in electricity but also a higher risk of fire. By plugging in electronics together in one extension cord, it will exceed the maximum current rating stated for the extension lead. This could cause the plug in the wall socket to overheat and possibly cause a fire.

Make the most of sunny days

The intense heat during summer can be annoying at times but you can also take advantage of the sunlight, most especially during the summer season. Turn off the lights and open your curatins wide to let naturaal light in your home or skip the dryer and just let your freshly-washed clothes dry under the heat of the sun.

Use solar energy

The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world’s energy needs, and unlike fossil fuels, it won’t run out anytime soon. If you have a solar panel at home, don’t forget to make the most out of it. You can save a huge amount of electricity by converting to solar and you’ll have lesser carbon footprint. Solar power installers such as Solenergy continue to make solar panels in the Philippines efficient and available for numerous utility and commercial clients nationwide.

Staying at home is a must at times like this to ensure everyone’s safety but we should also keep in mind to save electricity as much as we can. Not only will we save money, but also lessen our carbon footprint.

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