Scope of Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Modern commercial buildings and facilities have a wide range of choices for sophisticated energy supply and management systems. One of the emerging options for energy alternatives and solutions is PV solar system integration. Because facility managers are focused on the bottom line, it is advised that they go beyond the kind of energy supply system they select and look at demand-side management programs as well as techniques used to properly maintain the system and maximize the investment. The best and most economical method to optimize a facility’s electrical equipment, boost energy efficiency, and maximize the investment is to put a strong emphasis on high-quality operations and maintenance (O & M). An operations and maintenance (O&M) program is a networked ecosystem of management, maintenance, budgeting, and business procedures that collaborate to maintain the system.


Monitoring of plant operations and equipment plays a very crucial role in maximizing the efficiency of the system. A well designed SCADA system and device interface will ensure the operational stabilities and reliabilities of the plant and other equipment parameters. Data acquisition, monitoring and control functions are performed to have all necessary information concerning the operations of the power plant during the cycle. 

Field Visits

By doing this, it is ensured that project activities are carried out according to how they are outlined in the plan. Meeting the project managers, participants, and seeing the activities are often part of the process.

It’s significant to write up a report that provides the findings after a field visit. These reports will outline any differences between the plan and how it was carried out in practice, as well as any advancements the project team achieved.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance schedule and frequency are controlled by the operations function and are impacted by a number of variables, including the kind of equipment, the environmental conditions at the site, and the warranty terms. As required by equipment warranties, scheduled maintenance is routinely carried out at regular intervals to adhere to client guidelines.

Corrective Maintenance

Components that are malfunctioning or have failed need to be repaired or replaced. Some corrective maintenance procedures, such communications or inverter resets, can be carried out remotely. Additionally, planned preventive maintenance activities can be integrated with less urgent corrective maintenance activities.


All necessary documentation, including electrical drawings, part specifications, manuals, performance data, and records, must be carefully maintained. Preparing routine reports in accordance with the O & M contract or the system owner’s specifications, such as reporting on plant performance, key performance indicators, problems, and maintenance services provided, is necessary for informing facility stakeholders and comparing system monitoring outcomes to benchmark expectations.

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