Solar Vehicles That You Should Read About

Solar Vehicles That You Should Read About

In a world where lower carbon footprint makes a big difference, technological marvels like electric vehicles and solar vehicles definitely has a lot of perks to bring on the table.

Solar vehicles not science fiction

We’ve all seen solar-powered gadgets or appliances once or twice, maybe in the form of a lamp or powerbank. But what if the same principle applies to vehicles, wherein they can harness the power of the sun to work? The benefits of solar vehicles have high importance since it eliminates or minimizes dependence on fossil fuels results in lower carbon footprint. Moreover, solar energy is renewable energy. It’s also free of charge, and don’t cause pollution. The perks are ideal and sounds like something out of a science fiction story, but solar vehicles are very-much real and are actually in existence.

Solar vehicles available in foreign markets

While solar vehicles aren’t available locally yet, but it’s nice to be in the know about solar vehicles that are making waves overseas for us to make informed choices they make it into Philippine shores one day.

  • Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Korean manufacturer Hyundai announced the Sonata Hybrid for the North American market. As the vehicle’s name implies, it’s a hybrid car that places solar panels on its roof which generates energy to help boost the car’s fuel efficiency, support its electric power source, and ultimately reduce carbon emissions.

While the energy that its solar panels generate won’t add more than 2 miles range per day, incorporating it in a mass-produced vehicle deserves praise.

  • Sono Sion

German manufacturer Sono Motors took the idea up a notch by embedding the solar cells on the doors and hood of their top product called “Sion”. The solar cells are practically invisible because they are hidden with colored coating. The Sion is capable of a driving range of around 155 miles, thanks to its 248 solar cells on its body and 35 kWh battery capacity. Moreover, its sleek interior, low-cost maintenance, flexible charging, and bidirectional charging ability makes it a smart and practical choice for any man.

  • Lightyear One

The Lightyear One is a long-range solar electric vehicle from Dutch manufacturers Lightyear. It boasts the lowest emissions, charging frequency, and 7,000km to 20,000km of free, clean solar range a year. The vehicle’s body integrates 5 square metres of solar panels, that charges up to 70km of range per day, making it a car that charges itself. Besides its top-notch technological features, its glossy exterior makes it hard to resist.

While solar vehicles may still be in their early stages, there’s no denying the value they provide. Let’s hope they become mainstream soon.

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