Tracing the History of Solar’s Importance for the Last 6000 Years

Marcus Garvey wrote that,” A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots,” since we at Solenergy definitely don’t want us to be without our strong roots, we are bringing you a comprehensive history of our relation with Sun and its energy.

Did you know that Mr. John Perlin wrote a 451 page book on the history of Sun but don’t worry, we have saved the most important details for you in our 500 words article itself. Below we bring you some fascinating practices and details about the star Sun and how the ancients valued the Sun and the Sun’s energy.

· Many had Sun Gods

In ancient Egypt the Re was known as the Sun god and the creator of the world. The Celts, who lived in central Europe had Lugh as their Sun god. Aztecs lived in central Mexico, had Tonatiuh as their Sun god. The Greeks and Roman had Apollo as their Sun god.  The African Fon people had Liza as their Sun god.  The ancient Chinese believed in Ten Suns and the oldest Japanese civilizations believed in Amarterasu as their Sun goddess.

Their faith in Sun as a god brings us to the sheer importance of the Sun in their daily lives and also many important natural events. Sun is still revered in many religious and regions today as well since without the Sun, life on earth is impossible.

· Sun’s Energy to Heat Homes

The uses of passive solar energy principles were too popular during the early ancient and later years (Greece, Pharaonic Egypt, Native American societies). Homes and colonies were built keeping the Sun in mind and most of the homes were south facing so that they would get enough winter sun during the day. The famous Greek’s portico with its thick and evenly spaced pillars was built to filter sunlight for heat and light. There were even Sun laws that one can’t obstruct/deny one’s right to access to the Sun! There were many structures and building built by ancient Greeks and Egyptians with great precision and knowledge of the Sun like the Mesa Verde cliff palace and many other.

· Sun to Help them Fight the Enemy

The ancient Chinese around 1000 BC-1800 BC used conclave reflectors to convert sunlight into fire to destroy their enemies.  Later in the years, many civilizations have used glass and other metals to harness the power of the Sun. From the first practical solar engine in 1906 to our present day solar panels we have come a long way really. The Solar energy is one of the most ancient source of energy we have and it is only time that we must utilize it to its fullest to avoid drastic climate change and our dependence on coal/oil/natural gases. Looking for a strong solar partner for your next solar project in the Philippines, then contact us at Solenergy the number one solar company here.

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