Why Solar is the Perfect RE for the Philippines

Solar Power PLant

Over the decades, the industry of Renewable Energy can be seen on the rise. The strong emergence in the Philippines began a few years back due to the decline of solar panel’s price. The positioning of the country seems to be the perfect one for harnessing solar energy. 

Here are some reasons why solar is the perfect renewable energy in our country:

Its Tropical Climate 

As a tropical country with over 7,600 islands, the Philippines appears to be a perfect place for solar energy implementation. The 12 daylight hours can be taken as an opportunity to maximize solar power. This window hours of daylight is a longer chance that should be taken advantage of to produce clean energy for your home or business. 

The Depleting Fossil Fuel Resources

Our long years of dependence on fossil fuels have given us dirty access to imported energy. This may be one of the main sources of global warming. Moreover, it is predicted to be depleted in the coming decades. Investing in solar powered systems is one way to reduce reliance on rising and volatile fossil fuel prices.

Savings through Net Metering

Net metering for renewable energy systems smaller than 100 kW has been permitted in the Philippines since 2008. The concept of net metering is that the unused generated electricity will be transferred to the grid and will be exchanged for peso credit. 

Utilizes Roof Space

Our roof plays a very important role in keeping us and our home safe from the heat and rain and other forms of intrusion. Why not put it into better use? Utilizing roof space for solar panel installation of about a square meter can harvest up to 5kWh per day. 

Zero Emission

The process of harnessing solar energy results in zero emission. This contributes a lot in avoiding greenhouse gas and its effects to the environment. Investment in solar energy does not only save money but it also saves the environment.

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