World Bank’s Brings in $67 Million Grant for the Philippines’ Clean Energy Projects

The World Bank approved two grants (equaling $67 million) to make solar energy accessible to far reaching areas in Philippines. It has provided a 44 million grant to the Philippines Renewable Energy Project which is going to reduce risks of commercial lending to electric cooperatives. Other $23 million grant was set aside for ASEP for improving access to solar energy in remote areas.

The financial grants and knowledge sharing is vital for countries to move towards solar energy development in their regions and this is the only way forward towards a better and safer world. The Philippines is the largest user of solar energy  compared to other south Asian countries yet to reach to 100% renewable energy generation, we need more funds, corporate mind shift towards cleaner energy and general public’s awareness about the benefits of solar power.

Road Blocks to Solar Energy and Solutions

There are many barriers to increase adoption of solar energy in the Philippines and the world.  A large part of it is to do with the fact that we have huge dependence on fossil fuels for more than 200 years. Many people are looking forward to adopt better ways to generate electricity for their factories, companies, plants, homes and daily devices.  The current barriers to solar energy embracing namely include the initial cost, need for proper guidance towards solar power benefits, and awareness among cooperations, businessman, and their respective owners.

Initial Cost of Solar Power Set Up

Right now many companies buy electricity and they are used to that arrangement since long. They have been paying high bills for a very long time and it is difficult to understand that this needs to change for good. When one sets up their own solar power generation system at their own location, they start to generate their own electricity and the initial cost usually gets covered within few years only. Also for bigger projects, the cost is divided in various stages so that the organization in the Philippines can pay for the solar panels prices over a period of time. The cost hugely surpass the benefits when it comes to solar power generation as it is the most clean source of energy always available in abundance.

Necessary Awareness and Forward Thinking

If one is looking at next 10 years, we may survive using fossil fuels. Yet it is impossible to not notice the present day natural calamities due to climate change.  We can’t turn a blind eye to world’s climate that is rapidly changing for the worst.  It is our responsibility to leave behind a world that is livable even after 60 years so that our future generations can see the same mountains, natural beauty and live without the dangerous of typhoons, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, wild fires and other extreme weather conditions. The time to switch to solar energy in the Philippines is now and there is never a better time, since the cost of solar power has reduced greatly.

World Class Solar Power Provider and Company in the Philippines

Some of the best solar companies in the Philippines today have reliable proper guidance to switch to solar.  Our company, Solenergy have completed many major big solar project installations at various locations. We are one of the pioneers in solar PV systems in the PH and 100% dedicated in giving our clients solutions that are fully future proof and 100% reliable. We can easily see the barriers that stop some people to move to cleaner sources of energy generation and we are also seeing the simple solutions to those, and we are positive that the Philippines will see the highest adoption of solar energy in the near future. We have to use solutions that are long term and environment friendly, to sustain a brighter future for all of us.

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