Uses of Solar Energy


People around the world have taken a keen interest on harnessing solar energy for practical use since the 1800s, and since then, we’ve come far achieved some real milestones. Currently, there exists many technologies and machineries that could leverage solar energy for multiple purposes. Hence, a lot are asking, “how is solar energy being used?”, […]

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A 2017 Overview of Solar Energy Usage in the Philippines

The Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are rapidly adopting solar power and other renewable energy sources. They are not leaving any stone unturned in making sure that they develop cleaner sources of energy generation for ensuring a better tomorrow.  It is only time that we learn from these examples that are literally changing the course of today and of the future generation. […]

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Energy-hungry? Solar Energy Holds The Key To Fill That Hunger!

The recent population boom in the Philippines has collaterally increased the demand for power and electricity to keep alive the technologies we have created for the use of the population. Power and electricity is what drives multi-faceted wheels of development —mobile phones, light, airconditionaire and other electricity gadgets and devices— all are designed to provide […]

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