4 Ways Solar Energy is Changing Rapidly in the Philippines

The way electricity is being produced is changing fast. People are willing to spend more on solar energy in the Philippines today for a better tomorrow with cleaner electricity for their homes, offices, schools, resorts and communities.

Year on year we are seeing climate change in the form of floods and hurricanes due to pollution of the planet earth. Massive amount of harmful gases get released in the environment.  The way out of this entire dangerous circle is by going for renewable sources of power generation.  By producing your own electricity, one can be free from huge monthly power bills and in turn also contribute to the planet by utilizing better sources of energy. Below we share with you 4 ways how solar energy is changing world over:

1) Low Cost of Solar Power in the Philippines

Electricity being a general purpose technology is impossible to avoid in present times. We can’t live without electricity; however we can surely go for affordable and countable sources of energy. As the Philippines is blessed with excellent availability of Sun all year long and this energy is easy to harness with today’s low cost solar panels. It is worth to know that according to www.weforum.org, the cost of solar energy has reduced to 75% in the last seven years, making it really accessible.

2) Advanced Solar Power Technology in the Philippines

Solar energy providers like us in the Philippines have successfully completed many ambitious pilot projects with full customization. We provide a detailed analysis of the needs of your facility, cost, design, integration, installation and maintenance needs. Whether there is a need for special equipment or design challenges, Solenergy is always there for all your needs.

3) Huge Demand for Solar Panels in the Philippines

It is a win-win situation for entrepreneurs going for solar panels in the Philippines. They can also benefit from the net-metering scheme where they get credited for the electricity they add to the grid (that they don’t consume themselves).  The demand has increased for solar power in the Philippines and the rest of the world as people are realizing the long term benefits of it.

4) A Promise for a Sustainable Future

The need of the hour is to make sustainable changes. Renewable energy has zero harmful effects. It is always present and with the continuous improvement of solar energy technology,  solar power can easily be harnessed.  It is in our hands to take the right measures today for ensuring a better and safe tomorrow for the coming generations.  Low cost and affordable solar power panels and solar power systems are just one of our ways to contribute for a better ways to generate our own electricity. A lot of organizations in the Philippines such as our clients De La Salle University, Robinsons Land Corporation through their malls, Century Pacific Food Inc., Dupont Pioneer, Mondelez Philippines, Rockwell Land Corporation, Land Bank of the Philippines and many other have already made the switch to solar energy.

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  1. I’ll be implicating a solar in my house in the Philippines on the near future. But before I’ll do that I need somebody to talk to. I’ll be home april 2020

    1. Hi Erle,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us. Solenergy is primarily focused on Utility & Commercial scale PV solutions.
      Our team will be in touch with you via email to refer you an installer near you.

      Solenergy Team

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