How Solenergy Is Innovating the Way Filipinos Use Energy

How Solenergy Is Innovating the Way Filipinos Use Energy

A world-class solar power provider in the Philippines, Solenergy Systems, Inc. is empowered by the belief that solar power is the future. Being one of the pioneers in solar PV systems in the country, it aspires to utilize their technology that’s ‘powered by the sun’ to pave the way for a brighter future—by means of a viable and sustainable power alternative for the Filipino people.

Engineering solar power solutions to answer a crucial problem

The Philippines has been hindered by expensive, low-quality power supply for too long. Solenergy sees the barriers preventing most people from making the switch to renewable energy sources. Thinking of long-term energy solutions, it is revolutionizing the country’s Renewable Energy industry. The company aims to sustain a brighter future through building dependable, affordable, eco-friendly, and world-class custom-engineered solar-powered systems.

Sustainable solar power source fit for our climate

The sun being a very powerful energy source, our planet is able to harvest a constant amount of solar energy from its glorious rays. A tropical country such as the Philippines receives an abundance of the sun’s power. With that, we can really benefit from solar power technologies. Today, our solar panel systems are even more efficient in generating electricity, especially now that more laws and initiatives are pushing for a cleaner, sustainable, and more energy-efficient Philippines.

Joining the call to adopt green initiatives with the help of harnessing solar energy is a remarkable step forward towards a sustainable future for our sunlight-rich country.

Increasing awareness to do the right thing that will benefit the planet

Unlike before, there is an increasing number of Filipinos who have become well aware of the benefits of investing in renewable energy. More and more people are having their own solar panel systems installed in their homes and offices, trying out energy-saving devices, evading the use of plastics—contributing to the spread of awareness about investing in green alternatives; and thus, significantly helping in the race to save our planet and mitigate the impact of worsening climate change.

As a major player in the said industry, Solenergy contributes to the valuable knowledge that ‘going solar’ yields economic and environmental benefits. It’s becoming a common understanding that renewable energy sources like solar energy produce zero carbon and are completely free of gases harmful to the community. The company aims to promote the benefits of harnessing the sun’s energy.

A brilliant team sharing a brighter dream

Solenergy Systems, Inc. is composed of a multi-disciplinary staff of architects, engineers, and industry specialists with international experience in solar power technologies. A commercial solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company and provider of O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services, they offer full-service solar photovoltaic system design, installation, and integration to existing power systems, ongoing system maintenance and project financing.

They work with each client personally to deliver the best possible solar power system to match both energy and budget. With the customers’ best interest in mind, their focus is always to bring high-quality solar-powered solutions, completely meeting the custom needs of their clients right from design, installation, all the way to consultation and maintenance. Solenergy is dedicated to giving its clients 100% reliable and future-proof solutions.

Only the best, affordable, and advanced solar power technology

Solenergy is keen on sourcing only the best available solar panel systems. They stand as a reliable energy solutions company devoted to offering the best possible solution to Filipinos’ high electricity dependence. Solar panel prices are now more affordable than ever, thanks to the constant progress of science and technology. As one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers, Solenergy promotes efficient, world-class, low-cost solar power systems aimed at revolutionizing the renewable energy industry across the nation.

Devising ways to lower the cost of installing solar panels will allow more homes and businesses to harness the power of the sun to generate electricity, rather than traditionally. Solenergy’s seamless relationship with manufacturers and clients has earned them a reputation for being a fair-priced and responsible solar power contractor and supplier in the Philippines.

Committed to a long-term relationship with customers

Focusing on leveraging solar power, Solenergy has successfully completed noteworthy projects with a multitude of globally recognized developers, commercial industries, as well as hotel and tourism establishments. By committing to a long-term relationship with its clients, the company is able to provide its full services that range from solar panel costing, design, installation, all the way to real-time monitoring and maintenance—goes to show that Solenergy is always there for all your needs.

Adopting solar energy as a better alternative is just the first step in ensuring a better and safer tomorrow for more generations of Filipinos. Furthermore, Solenergy is here not only to provide green solutions but also sustainable growth in the Philippine energy industry. Invest in the future today with Solenergy.

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