Solar Power is the Future! Working Towards Green Philippines


Solar power Philippines is harnessing and utilizing the sun’s energy to provide a sustainable source of energy that can power our homes and communities. Our planet receives a constant amount of solar energy and the Philippines, being in the tropics receive a fairly large amount of the sun’s power.

Recent scientific and technological development has advanced the capability of harnessing and utilizing solar energy specially with the recent solar panel Philippines can use. Even simple homeowners can do their respective parts to harvest the sun’s limitless power through solar panels and other solar power harvesting gadgets. Lighter and more efficient panels are now available in the market that are still fitted with special PV cells that are proven effective in generating varying amounts of electricity from the sun.

PV cells or more technically known as “photovoltaic cells” which translates literally as “light” (photo) and “electric” (voltaic). With the interaction from specially coated photo glass, electricity can be produced due to the photovoltaic effect of the said cells. This is because of the physical and chemical reaction triggered by the sun, which results in the flow of electricity. The Philippines, being an equatorial country, can greatly benefit from the use of solar panels because of the higher amount of the sun’s energy that comes through the area.

Solar Energy Philippines: Green Initiative To Power The Future

Since joining the worldwide call in finding alternative, sustainable source of electricity, the Philippines, through solar power providers, have devised ways to lower the cost of installing solar panels thus allowing a broader number of homes and businesses to use the power of the sun to supplement their respective need for electricity. This in turn can significantly help in the race to save our planet and to mitigate the impact of climate change. With the passage of Republic Act No. 9513 or the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, more and more focus is being given in finding and utilizing renewable resources of power and electricity such as the sun’s solar energy. This is very important so that we can slowly wean from the thirst for burning fossil fuels such as coal and hydrocarbons like gasoline that currently is the country’s source of electricity and to be able to provide solutions for the country to be energy self-sufficient.

RA 9513 provides the impetuses that “encourage the development and utilization of renewable energy systems, and promoting its efficient and cost-effective commercial application by providing fiscal and non-fiscal incentives”.

Solenergy, a solar company in the Philippines, can help you with a sustainable and renewable power source that comes from the sun. With a never-ending supply of solar energy and no carbon emissions, solar power is the way forward for a cleaner, more energy efficient Philippines.

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