3 Solar Energy Trends Impacting the Philippines & the World Right Now

Solar energy is a long term trend touching hundreds of thousands of people’s lives every year with continuous upgrading. In 2018, we are seeing few directions solar energy would be taking and we at Solenergy Systems Inc., the solar power provider in the Philippines are here to share all the major solar energy trends below:

·  Efficient Solar Cells

The cost is the most important factor concerning adoption of a service. In both types of popular solar cells that is Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline there have been major improvements. Monocrystalline are the most expensive types (use pure silicon & require proper racking for being heavy) and these days with improvements like PERC that is adding of passivated emitter rear contact to these panels which improves light capture near the rear surface and thus optimizes electrons capture this way.

This means that with less number of Monocrystalline panels, one can produce more solar energy.  These also last more than +30 years.  The other popular Polycrystalline cells make up for the 50% demand approximately and are also seeing considerable improvements every year. We have Polycrystalline solar cells with an efficiency of more than 25%. Then the bifacial solar modules are catching up too where one can capture light from both sides so it definitely increases electricity generation.  Even the inverter technology is moving towards 1500-volt DC systems (in large utility scale markets) instead of 1000-volt DC systems. The solar overall is becoming number one new alternative source of heating water and generating household and commercial electricity today.

·  Grid Connected Solar Power and Govt. Grants

Even if one wants to plan well for next 10 years, somewhere one can’t exactly plan enough for their energy needs; so having your solar power system connected to the city’s energy grid is the best way to go about.  This way if you are producing more than required power you can sell it for a benefit. Most countries like the Philippines’ government is very pro solar so look out for solar energy grants which can be anywhere up to 30% for the total cost of your solar system.

·  DC Solar Energy for Unreachable Places

The world is still without power at many places, and so many locations still don’t have basic access to electricity. Since these locales are far off located and can’t be connected to the main city grid. Solar is an excellent way to bring green source of electricity generation to them using DC solar energy.

This is one of the most cost effective, renewable sources of energy generation and safest alternative for them. We at Solenergy, the solar energy provider company in the Philippines are known for our well executed large, mid and also small scale solar projects across the Philippines and worldwide. Contact us today for any requirements regarding your solar needs today.

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