Cool Solar Powered Inventions You Have to See

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There is no question regarding the efficiency of solar energy in the Philippines due to the country’s inherently warm and sunny climate. The sun is present on an almost daily basis, thus making the prospect of using it as a constant source of renewable energy an unchallenged one. Those who do make use of it enjoy the benefits of having cut utility bills.

But, aside from powering homes, solar power can be used to power other things as well – even on the go! That said, here are some cool solar powered inventions you have to see:

charging patio table
Image from Hammacher.

Charging patio table

This table will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without having to abandon the comforts of the indoors. Not only does it stand as a surface to place your items on as you have fun outside, but its integrated PV panels (doubling as the table top) also allow you to plug your devices in and keep them charged no matter how long you leave them unattended. It also saves you a bit in terms of the electric bill because it’s an off grid source of charging power for all your electronic devices.

solar backpack
Image from Wikipedia.


Who wouldn’t want a charging station on their backs? This backpack would be a godsend for anyone who’s always on the go. It’s big enough to accommodate a fifteen inch laptop, and of course, several other things you might need on a trip to the city. Just expose the bag to the sun and it’ll charge your laptop and any of your devices. No need for hanging out or wasting time at the cafe just to be able to get your phone to charge a little.

solar tote bag
Image from Inhabitat.com.

Tote bag

Bags are one of the most useful things people own, and they carry everything a person needs wherever they need to go. Good thing they invited a tote bag with solar panels. Just think, there’s no need to bring a heavy power bank to the beach! All you’ll need to do is put the bag somewhere it can receive sunlight, and you’ll be able to charge your phones and continue documenting your fun day!

firebox plant pot solar
Image from Firebox.

Plant pot

Plants love sunlight, so why not put them in pots that charge the lights inside of them? When the sun sets, the pots light up and can illuminate any part of your home. This is great for decorating doorways or hallways, or even pathways outside of your home. Not only do they look classy, but they also help light your environment.

solar chandelier
Image from Homejelly.


Despite needing a full charge before using, this solar powered chandelier is a great way to pretty up any living space. It’s also a nice way to decorate your garden, and you can even use it to light your dinners should you choose to have a picnic outside. Just like the plant pot before it, it’s an elegant solution to any lighting crisis that doesn’t need a cut in your electric bill.

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