Achievements towards Solar Energy Philippines in Recent Years

3 Major Achievements towards Solar Energy Philippines in Recent Years

With only progress, one can accomplish something. In recent years, we have made significant achievement in the direction of solar energy and this is a good sign that we are moving and making the right efforts. On 4th Nov, 2016, the notable pro climate change Paris Agreement came into force which would bring multiple nations together towards their renewable energy goals and work towards preventing drastic climate change.

On June, 28th, 2017, president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte signed the worthy order where investors interested in Energy Projects of National Significance can get their projects’ improvement within 30 days timeline as compared to previous 3 years deadline.

According to US department of Energy (DOE) and world watch story, scientists have been successful at creating powerful solar cells (photovoltaic) that have a conversion efficiency of 40.7 percent. Progress like such means that we would be seeing increased solar energy adoption in the Philippines as solar panel prices reduce further. Below, we share with you in detail the three solar power achievement stories:-

Paris Climate Change Agreement

It is a legal universally binding agreement between more than 195 countries to bridge the gaps between policies and climate-neutrality till the end of the century. Since climate change affects us collectively, it is important that everyone come together in fighting climate change. Major projects, progress and help will be administered to the right places, people and ideas under the agreement.

Reducing Red Tape for Important Projects

In order to meet the ever increasing energy needs of the country, the Philippines‘ President Rodrigo Duterte announced that projects will get faster approval so that they can increase the energy supply as per demand. It is a move towards ensuring that the country is keeping pace with demand and supply and remains pro change.

Improved Ways of Capturing Solar Power

From the first solar cells to the present efficient, high quality and low maintenance PV cells, we have come a long way. Scientists across the world are still working on improved technology to capture and convert solar energy to electricity with higher efficiencies.  One such story mentions by DOE that scientist have been able to increase the photovoltaic efficiency to remarkable 40.7% by unlocking the energy stored in the long-wavelength photons. If we make the right choices now, we can reverse the damage done to our climate and for that it is necessary to adopt renewable solar power energy generation and work with solar energy provider in the Philippines to assist you in reaching your renewable energy goals of the year.

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