Solar Panels in Rainy Season

Many are wondering why solar panels are able to generate electricity during the rainy season. It has been a stigma that solar panels are useless in the rainy or cloudy season of the year. Photovoltaic panels have dominated the market for solar powered systems. The science of generating electricity with solar panels boils down to the […]

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Module Cleaning Guidance for Volcanic Ash Residue

Volcanic ash belongs to high corrosion mineral matters (contains sulfur). To avoid corrosion, the volcanic ash should be immediately wiped off from the module surface. Here are some things you should remember when cleaning your PV modules. DO’s All types of soft foam materials, non-woven fabrics, whisks, soft sponges, soft brushes, and hair brushes may […]

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The Rise of Organic Photovoltaics

What is OPV? For the last three decades, solar energy, specifically third generation solar cells, has been given significant attention in order to surpass its technical and material barriers towards high efficiency and commercialization. One of these is the revolutionary and rapidly emerging solar photovoltaic technology, the OPV. Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) are made up of […]

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