Fossil Fuel vs. Renewable Energy (RE)

Fossil fuels have been our major source of energy ever since. A study from the Russian Academy of Science implies that until the end of the century, fossil fuel will be in demand. However, aside from the fact that these fossil fuel plants stress our environment, it will also be inevitably inadequate. Hence, the cost generation will be unstable and inflation will keep happening depending on the current global economic state.

With these factors, a need for an alternative source of energy arises. People will soon seek for something that is clean, reliable, stable, and renewable. These are the solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal heat. It is also cleaner and more sustainable than fossil fuel plants — manufacturing, maintenance, and disposal of renewable energy is a piece of cake.

Renewable Energy (RE) however, also has its own issues such as intermittent generation of energy. Also, using these RE as a major source of energy would mean the need for a massive storage. An array of batteries to store the generated energy for use when needed or when downtimes happen should be considered too.

Both RE and Fossil Fuels have their share of advantages and constraints. Sole reliance to fossil fuel as a major source of energy means limitation and may come to the point where it no longer serves its purpose since it is exhaustible. In fact, RE and fossil fuel can be used together to have a reliable and efficient energy source.

Solenergy Systems Inc. has projects around the country which can prove that traditional fuel and RE can work together in limiting the carbon footprint of energy generation. Evidently, renewable energy systems can make fossil fuel energy generators run more efficiently and controllably.

Investing in RE gives the operators and consumers more benefits. The biggest expense would be the upfront price of the investment which in no time will have a return where the investor can maximize a free but limitless energy.

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